Sunday, September 9, 2012


Fall weather has arrived and we are loving it! Our grass is green again, cool mornings, cool evenings, and beautiful fall days! September has been off to a great start with a lot of football watching, playing, and swim lessons! William started swim lessons every Thursday and we hope he enjoys them. Other than trying to keep up with Mr. BUSY things are the same around the Sorgenfrei house.

William's vocabulary is growing on a daily basis.
He has TONS of teeth.
He's growing so tall....wearing 24 month clothes and some 2T!
He knows where almost all of his body parts are, can count 1,2,3....and sometimes 4, 5!
Loves to build with blocks, stack things, race cars....and RUN!

Here are some pictures from the first part of SEPTEMBER 2012:

Husker Game Day!


Goof Ball

Mr. Happy

Big Boy!

Halloween PJs

Run.....Daddy is chasing me.

Loving his backpack

Brandon, Brytten, William and Abby

Friday, August 10, 2012

Where did Summer 2012 go?!?!

Summer is coming to a close and we can't believe how fast it has gone by. Here are some highlights from our Summer! We can't wait for some cooler weather and some RAIN. We hope this blog posts finds you all doing wonderful and ready for Fall!

Summer 2012 Highlights:

- Pool, Pool, and more Pool!
    Will loves the water and loved going to the swimming pool. His favorite thing to do at swimming pool is the water slide. He was also able to swim several times at daycare and loved it. He sure does have a great tan line!

    We were able to see family members from both sides this summer! With Willi's birthday party, family get togethers, and a new Niece (Jolee Sorgenfrei) there was a lot going on. We can't wait to meet our niece, she's a beauty!

     We traveled to Kansas City several weekends, Grand Island to visit great grandma and Grandpa, Omaha for some shopping and friend visits......we didn't make any big travel arrangements this Summer but can't wait for more travel as William continues to grow!
      Mommy is going to Dallas for a week August 16-20 for training and William will be spending the week with his Grandma and Grandpa Kraft.

-A few side notes:

    William is a TALKER! He jabbers away all day, evening, and night. He just loves to walk around with a phone in his hand and pretend to be talking to someone.
     He's learning so many words and can say so many things. It makes life so much easier now that he can tell us what he wants!
     He continues to love daycare and learns so much. Each day he's doing something new!

It takes William about 10 seconds to empty the Tupperware drawer!

Daddy's hat is so much fun.

It became very quiet which usually means Will is doing something he shouldn't be doing. This time we found him READING! 


Watching Barney after daycare......he was so tired that he had to lean against the chair.

Sitting with Daddy before his bath.

Our little man

He loves cars, trucks, tractors....and even makes the sounds!

Sunglasses are so much fun :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Well, it's been extremely hot in Lincoln, Nebraska this summer. We have been stuck inside a lot, as it's been over 100 degrees for several weeks. William loves going to the swimming pool and really loves water. His personality is really coming to life and we laugh more and more each day. He's such a GOOF BALL and we just love him to pieces.

Here are some pictures from the summer so far!

Brandon, Brytten and William

Saturday, June 16, 2012

William is ONE!


June 9, 2012 William Eric turned ONE. We can't believe that it has already been a year since our precious miracle entered the world. This has by far been the best year for mommy and daddy. We love each and every day with him. He is changing so much that we are just trying to keep up.

Words William can say:
Bye Bye
Ya (yes)
k (ok)
......and many more that we just can't understand. :)

He had his one year check up on 06-15-2012. He is 95% for height! Tall baby boy and a healthy baby boy. We had a wonderful birthday party on June 9, 2012 at our home. Family and friends from all over town and out of state came to celelbrate. It was a HOT June day....and we celebrated with a CIRCUS! William is so lucky to have such great family and friends that love him. We ended up with nearly 45 people at our house for his party!!!!

We are loving the summer and William really loves being outside. He has learned to follow Abby around everywhere and loves to feed her.

Here are some pictures from the last MONTH!

Brandon, Brytten, William and Abby

(Professional Photos by: J*Norton Photo/Design in Lincoln, NE)

New swimming pool

Abby Lynn

Cookie cake

Smash Cake

12 month picture

Family Photo

Mimi and Bucky with their Grandchildren
Evan: 9, Carter: 6, Caydence 18 months, Will 1 year

Waiting for the party to start!

Some of the guest

Yard games

Bean bag toss


Dad the Lion, Mom the elephant, and Will the monkey


Water Pirate ship from Mommy and Daddy

1 year photo shoot

William and his monkey Chester